SetSales is the leading sales community in Northern Europe, supporting the industry with insights, learnings and networking. On the 5th of November we host the SetSales Summit at Clarion Hotel in Copenhagen. SetSales will be the largest sales conference in Denmark with 50+ speakers, 1000+ attendees and 3 main topics; Strategy & Leadership, Sales & Motivation, and Digitalization & Innovation. We give professionals who always seek to improve their skills and develop their business the opportunity to become part of a unique network experience with possibilities to build new relations and gain knowledge, insights and skills relevant for Sales, Leadership and Business Development.

We want to connect all parts of the sales process and thereby strive to provide the highest quality content related to the agenda. With a differentiated attendee list, we create value by enabling knowledge sharing across various business functions. Our values are based on delivering the highest quality in everything we do. Moreover, being dedicated as a mean to create the optimal experience for our guests and partners and thereby revealing new opportunities.

We believe that the only the strongest relations will prevail and that those are built and maintained when we are able to meet face-to-face. Digital meetings and phone calls is a great way to stay in touch and makes it easier to communicate, but will never replace the credibility and trust that can be build in a physical meeting. 

SetSales share insights & inspiration about Sales & Leadership. Every year we host SetSales Summit where attendees gets the opportunity to network with like-minded and gain knowledge from top executives and experts in sales.


Portræt Foto - Simon Skovborg

Simon Skovborg

Managing Director
Portræt Foto - Patrick Debois Laursen

Patrick Debois Laursen

Managing Director


Portrætfoto Lotte Søgaard Pedersen

Lotte Søgaard Pedersen

Marketing Manager
Portræt Foto - Emre Akbayir

Emre Akbayir

Sales Associate


Portrætfoto - Jacob Aleksander Nielsen

Jakob Aleksander Nielsen

Head of Sponsorship Sales
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-07 at 17.27.41

Nicolai Risager

Sponsorship Sales Associate


Portræt Foto - Andreas Sandemann

Andreas Sandemand

Head of Product Development


Bertil Kau Petersen

Creative Associate
Portræt Foto - Morten Krebs Andersen

Morten Andersen

IT Manager