Jesper Bergstrøm

Expert in Body Language and Presentation Technique


Jesper Bergstrøm is an expert in body language, motivation and the connection between body and psyche. Jesper coaches and gives lectures on body language, sales, how to read other people, build trust and good relationships as well as how to motivate oneself to have a positive and successful everyday life.

Jesper specializes in helping salespeople, managers and advisors to have more impact, by using their body language optimally, in order to have more success in social situations such as customer meetings, networking and presentations. He is also a big proponent of being in a good mood and spreading good energy in the workplace and to all the people around him.

Jesper is an energetic and passionate coach and lecturer who is frequently used on TV and radio. Most recently, he has been current with the book “smile happy” and the TV programs “do you speak body language?”


With Northern Europe’s leading sales conference, SetSales Summit provides an invaluable platform for networking, new insights and exposure at the conference with +1,000 sales executives and professionals. We are always looking for speakers who hold the abilities to provide value to our audience and who have something at heart.

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