Jannie Ilum Gade

CEO & Co-Founder


Jannie Ilum Gade is the CEO and co-founder of Institut for Kundetyper. Together with Sanne Dollerup, PhD, she has spent 8 years developing the latest method of segmentation: Emotional Customer Types (www.kundetyper.dk – in Danish only). The method is equally based on research (why customers buy) and the analysis of +3000 practical cases. Sanne and Jannie’s first book is expected this autumn, and their next book, a theory book for educational purposes, is due in 2022.

The method Emotional Customer Types answers questions such as:

– What type of car is the best fit for our brand?
– What kind of coffee should we offer our customers?
– Should I wear a suit – and a smile – at our next photoshoot?
– Should we be on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter or…..?
– What kind of words attract our optimal customer type?

The bottom line is: If you know what kind of Emotional Customer Type you want to attract, Jannie can provide you with a very specific sales and marketing strategy, so you will know exactly how to spend your time best.

Jannie has +26 years of practical experience within sales – B2B and B2C and on all levels – including advising +400 Danish and international clients. She is known for her very practical and ready-to-use answers to any sales challenge.


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