Sales, Leadership & Digitalization

Whether you are a top CEO or CCO who manages huge deals and thousands of employees –  you know that sales can be difficult and has changed dramatically throughout the years. Sales today can be complicated and filled with new concepts within strategy, groundbreaking software and high customer expectations. At the same time you need to stay personal, meet the customer at eye level, and be capable of conveying trustworthiness. The traditional sales skills are not outdated, but keeps getting harder to master, as more of the customer journey happens online. Therefore we’ve divided our agenda into 3 main topics.



Being center and in charge of an organization requires a full understanding of many corporate matters. These topics will vary between distinct approaches to sales strategies and more holistic business leadership. This includes talks about current trends in sales and management, change and innovation, culture, scaling, growth and agility.



Leading the way in sales teams or departments means understanding both yourself, your team, your product and your customer. In many ways, digitalization is changing the buyer’s journey, giving a whole new perspective to customer experience and success. Besides this, these talks will include topics of productivity and effectiveness as well as learning and coaching.



No sales team delivers anything without the right structure and technology to support it. CRM systems have been around for decades, so what’s new? In this area, talks will touch on other software and service approaches, sales engagement and productivity, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.



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Take a break, grab a coffee and use the time to expand your network and see the exhibition area

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