Christian Campbell

Psychological Investigator & Business Provocateur


Christian Campbell is a trained psychotherapist. His specialty is to combine relevant psychology and traditional business with each other, and by that create tangible and relevant results. Christian is often recognized for his ability to analyze people and situations accurately, as well as his unsurpassed ability to convey messages.

Christian has since 2004 helped companies such as: Dell, Schneider Electric, GSK (GlaxoSmithCline), Konica Minolta, Philip Morris, EY (Ernst & Young), Berlingske Media, IF Forsikring, Sydbank, Design Eyewear Group, Synoptik and Telemecanique Sensors.

The Media often turns to Christian when it comes to challenging our business-minds, as well as creating the results that many find challenging – to cause things to happen.

Christian Campbell is the author of the controversial bestseller: “Business Unusual, How Success wins over Failure”.


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